Market Tools

My first complete website for MarketTools Inc while working with Digital Brewing. This site featured Video banners, a dynamic CMS, and greater than 30 pages of content.



My second complete html/Css/Javascript website for MarketTools Inc while with Digital Brewing. This one had no CMS, and was composed of simple html templates & includes.


Moet Chandon

Domaine Chandon, a premiere producer of sparkling wines in Napa Valley needed website that evoked their status while reflecting the brand positioning of Savvy Entertaining. Working closely with the Chandon team we crafted a site that has a unique sense of elegance, is easily navigated, and sells wine. Utilizing cutting edge technology and seamless integration the buying experience was greatly improved and our clients goals were realized.

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Norton Iron Man 2 Sweepstakes

The Norton Ironman 2 promotional site was developed to as an adjunct to their "Every Click Matters" site. It featured a detailed online question and answer sweepstakes section with special attention given in regards to security. It also featured video as well as a product-detail section. In this site, I was able to explore in programmatic 3d as well as the use of soft-body 3d modifiers.



Torn Ranch

Transactional Website with Actionscript front end and cakePhp back end.



Really Interesting navigational banner for the top of the site as well as flourishes throughout the rest of the site. Worked with Riottt's team of JSP developers to integrate content display, authentication etc.


Robert Mondavi Winery

This was a tremendous site, dense with functionality on every page. The homepage featured a cycling background image gallery. As well as timelines, event calendars, virtual tours, contact forms etc.


Mount Veeder Winery


Maryl Discovery Center

One of many site's I developed for Maryl Realty early in my career, The Maryl Discovery Center featured on-demand streaming video served from a RTMP server.


Cushing Terrill Architecture Group

The Cushing Terrell Architects Engineers website featured a html navigation with interactive experiences on the front end and custom CMS with drag and drop functionality.


Continuum Wines

This site required animation effects that were too processor-intensive to be performed efficiently natively. PixelBender shaders to the rescue!


Konark International Publishers

Custom Wordpress theme. Designed and developed.


Tibco Vertical Explorer / Kiosk Presentation

One of many projects developed for Tibco while employed by Digital Brewing Company. AfterEffects, Javascript, Actionscript & xml.


Tibco cross-site banner / Presentation Engine

For Tibco's homepage, I developed a multimedia banner that ultimately became a valuable piece of IP for DBC. It was a layered content presentation tool that would load animations, text, images and video and then position them based on markup in external feeds. In addition to runtime-configurable video players, It also featured a Os-X style "tsunami" magnification dock for navigation of content.