Because even giants need a helping hand sometimes

Upon acquisition of Teavana in 2013, Starbucks was in need of an agency to consolidate their digital marketing efforts and Konark stepped in as their content creation and production agency. We developed a production workflow loosely modeled after AGILE software techniques that enabled our workflow that conceptualized campaigns, produced on-location lifestyle photoshoots, designed, coded and deployed email marketing as well as social media content and promotional microsites. Within 3 months of working with Konark, Teavana email marketing channel saw unprecedented 62% YoY growth.

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Full on content fulfillment

With photo shoots produced to emphasize stylized lifestyles, social media story creation, and targeted email campaigns Konark was able to create original content that enabled the brand to revitalize itself and reposition itself towards a younger target audience.

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Device Fetish

Targeting a younger consumer means being present where they are and knowing how they consume their media. Content created by Konark for Teavana was built to be flexible and available across all mediums. From device friendly email marketing to being top of mind through relevant social content on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, Konark was able to build out a unique brand voice for Teavana that was relevant to their new target.


Something steeping

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A steady stream of reliably quality content.

We understand our clients needs both from a business and financial perspective. A small brand under the Starbucks umbrella, Teavana had high goals to achieve within a tight budget and Konark was able to deliver on both accounts. Utilizing an efficient project management system along with streamlined production process, Konark provided Teavana with a constant reliable source of content that was used by the brand across multiple platforms.