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Nanotech Cancer treatment

3d modeled animations to demonstrate various nanotech approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Microfluidic device concept demonstration.

Laminar flow is a flow regime characterized by high momentum diffusion and low momentum convection. When a fluid is flowing through a closed channel such as a pipe or between two flat plates, either of two types of flow may occur depending on the velocity and viscosity of the fluid: laminar flow or turbulent flow.

Manufacturing Issues, Clean Room Contaminants.

Understand size of contamination particles and impact of human activity on particle count increase in a cleanroom.

Graphine Lattice Chirality Visualization

Demonstration of chiral vectors in a graphene lattice for metalic, semimetalic, and semiconductor configurations.

Czochralski growth of Silicon wafers.

Student learns the steps of wafer growth and processign.

Shows a pot of molten silicon and place a seed crystal in it that can be controlled in terms of speed, leading to a higher quality crystal at slow speeds and more defects at fast speed. At the end wafers are cut from the crystal

Silicon wafer dies and crystal defects.

Understand impact of wafer dimensions and die size on available die per wafer, and impact of crystal defects on available die.

Based on Figure 6.7. Allow students to change the size of wafers and die and determine the number of available die on the wafer. Allow option to add 4 or 6 dislocations from wafer edges (Figure 6.8) and determine # of available die.


It demonstrates how n (donor) and p (acceptor) type doping works in a semiconductor crystal.

It shows a silicon crystal lattice and allow the student to add n or p type dopant atoms into the lattice and then show how electrons or holes are created that lead to changes in conductivity of the crystal. After dopants are added (by selecting from a list and then the crystal is populated. Once populated, the student can turn on a voltage source on the ends of the crystal and show conductivity change with an ammeter schematic completing the circuit.

Protein Nanosensors in FET transistors

Demonstrates the basic functionality at work in Field Effect Transistors.

Charged Particle Suspension demonstration.

Demonstrates the behaviour of charged particles in a suspension, and the effect of changing the charge of the suspension.

oxidation process parameters on final oxide thickness

Let student pick different temperatures and atmospheres (dry or wet) and control the thickness of oxide formed for a set amount of time (use 100 min data, but make it faster). (Figure 7.11). The figure should show a furnace with either O2 or H2O molecules at the specified temperature and show a Si wafer with varying rate of growth of SiO2 into the wafer surfaces, showing the different thickness with temperature and atmosphere.