Let us help with your product,
device or prototype.


Cad design

In Solidworks or Fusion360

Need a product designed and prepped for Additive Manufacturing or CNC milling? Or maybe just some cad drawings. We can help with that.

We're experienced with 3d parametric solid modeling programs Solidworks and Fusion 360 and even mesh modeling applications such as Blender.

Physical Object digitization via 3d Scanning


3d printing, casting, soldering, wood

At Konark, we are so excited by the extended capabilities this technology brings! Designing with and for 3d printing, as well as actually designing and building the machines themselves, has been a primary focus of our R & D for a couple of years now. Our latest printer Poseidon, is designed to be a workhorse printer for creating large format FDM prints for use in resin or lost PLA metal casting.

3d Printing


We can bring it to life with code for networked, sensored or actuated devices. Interfaced with http/udp, bluetooth, Android, flask, nodejs or php

There is nothing more exciting than using new tech to create new tech.

3d Scanning

Where the magic happens - the prototyping shop.